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Advice on How to Handle Common Pet Emergencies

Studio City vet helps with pet emergencies.jpgIt can be very scary when your pet has an emergency, but taking preventative actions and being in contact with our pet hospital can help with your pet's safety. Today's blog covers three common veterinary emergencies, so that you can recognize the symptoms and take quick action. If your pet requires emergency care, stay calm and call our Studio City vet for immediate assistance.

Come to Our North Hollywood Pet Hospital Immediately If…

Pet Poisoning - Preventing your pet from ingesting poison or choking on small objects by keeping them out of reach is always best. But if your pet still manages to chew on a lily, lick up some anti-freeze, get into your chocolate raisin stash or get a piece of your slipper caught in its throat, you need to act fast. In the case of poisoning, save the wrappers or containers of whatever the pet ate, or be able to identify the plant chewed on. Follow any poisoning directions on the label and call our North Hollywood pet hospital immediately for help. If your pet has swallowed a foreign object, it may pass, but if you notice abdominal swelling, discomfort, constipation or vomiting, come in now.

Heatstroke - Always keep pets in the shade with plenty of ventilation and fresh water on hot days-NEVER leave them locked in the car! If your pet is panting and drooling excessively, has red gums, or is vomiting or having seizures, spray it with cool (not icy) water, and fan it while underway to our veterinary hospital.

Car Accidents - Treat the animal for shock by laying it on its side with its hind quarters a bit higher. Extend its neck to open its airway, and try to stop bleeding with firm pressure and a clean towel or sterile gauze. Then bring your pet to our hospital as quickly as possible.

Are there any other pet emergencies you would like us to write about here? Please let us know! 

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