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North Hollywood Vet Offers Pet Grooming Services

pet grooming with North Hollywood vet.jpgPretty bows, braids or even jewels can adorn your pet coat after a trip to the groomer. However, pet grooming not only helps your pet's appearance but it is an essential part of keeping them pet healthy. Good hygiene for your pet will help ensure that they do not pick up disease or attract fleas, ticks and other infections. Personal pet grooming can be done professionally at a pet hospital or you can choose to do it yourself at home. At Blue Cross Pet Hospital, we offer pet grooming services in our clinic.

Dogs and Cats Need Regular Veterinary Care and Grooming

Dogs should be routinely groomed by bathing and regular brushing. A mild shampoo and soap that is not harmful to your pet will keep them safe and smelling pretty. You need to protect your puppy's eyes when bathing and do not let their bodies become chilled during or after their bath. Cats often keep themselves fairly clean naturally; they do not require baths as frequently as dogs, but when you do bathe your cat it is important to keep water out of their sensitive ears and eyes. You need to use soap and shampoo that is specifically designed for cats because some dog shampoos may be irritating your feline's sensitive skin.

Pet grooming procedures also include nail trimming for both dogs and cats. Regular nail trimming is essential for cats, which are infamous for shredding things and scratching people and other animals with their sharp claws. Dogs that do not get their nails trimmed regularly can have problems with the nail curving over and digging and cutting into their paws causing them immense pain.

The main benefits of routine pet grooming are improvements in health and overall appearance of their coat and skin, prevention of health issues that can be caused by matted fur or scratches, reduction in horse tack chafing and an opportunity to check your pet for parasites, fleas and other skin conditions.

When you take on the responsibility of a pet it is critical that you know correct grooming and hygiene procedures so that your pet is properly cared for. Our North Hollywood vet can give you the information you need and provide you with the services to keep your family pet groomed and healthy. If you live in the Burbank or Sherman Oaks area, visit Blue Cross Pet Hospital for all of your grooming and veterinary needs.

Does your pet like being groomed? 

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  • "This is the only vet I'll bring my dog to. Their care and attention is amazing. They are upfront about pricing and will do what they can to work with you. They are always amazingly considerate of dogs with social anxiety and have treated both Scooby and me with respect. Best vet if you ask me!"
    Jessica V. / North Hollywood, CA

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