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  • Is Your Pet Having a Bad Hair and Skin Day? Veterinary Dermatology from North Hollywood Pet Hospital
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Is Your Pet Having a Bad Hair and Skin Day? Veterinary Dermatology from North Hollywood Pet Hospital

Studio City vets aid in pet dermatology.jpgIf your pet seems to be constantly scratching, biting, and chewing at an itch and just won't stop, it may be time for a trip to Blue Cross Pet Hospital. Our North Hollywood pet hospital offers veterinary dermatology treatments that can alleviate a number of common and not-so-common skin conditions. In addition to constant itchiness, other signs of skin ailments include dandruff, hair loss, scabs, repeated shaking of the head, or changes in the texture or color of your pet's coat.

Vet Provides Exam, Tests and Skin Condition Treatments

A wide number of causes can be behind a pet's abnormal skin condition. These include genetic or congenital defects, infections, allergies, parasites, traumatic events, or even imbalances in the pet's diet. The first step our North Hollywood vet takes is conducting a thorough exam of the pet's skin and coat. Specific diseases and conditions have telltale signs, although several can appear very similar and require lab work to determine the exact condition.

Alopecia X is an abnormality in the hair growth of Pomeranians and similar dog breeds that can lead to hair loss. Scabby skin lesions can be the result of an infection or a condition called pemphigus foliaceus, which is determined through a biopsy and cell examination. Skin biopsies can also help diagnose a disease known as discoid lupus erythematosus, which can cause scabbing and pigment loss in the nose area.

Allergic reactions are another cause of skin conditions, with reactions to specific foods, products or environmental allergens. The chronic skin condition atopy, also known as atopic dermatitis, is often diagnosed through skin testing.  

The dermatological treatments offered by our Studio City and Sherman Oaks animal hospital depend on the exact cause of the condition. Our veterinarians are experienced at treating skin conditions with a number of methods that include medications, environmental management, allergen elimination, and immunotherapy.

How do you help keep your pet's hair and skin healthy?

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  • "This is the only vet I'll bring my dog to. Their care and attention is amazing. They are upfront about pricing and will do what they can to work with you. They are always amazingly considerate of dogs with social anxiety and have treated both Scooby and me with respect. Best vet if you ask me!"
    Jessica V. / North Hollywood, CA

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