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Spay and Neuter Procedures Have Health Benefits

Top Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet at Our Animal Hospital

North Hollywood spaying and neutering.jpgSpaying and neutering are surgeries that are performed by a veterinarian to prevent cats or dogs from being able to reproduce. In a female animal, the spay procedure involves surgical removal of the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. Neutering requires the complete removal of the testicles, which renders male animals infertile. Being spayed or neutered may cause your pet to experience mild and temporary discomfort, but the benefits associated with these surgical procedures last a lifetime.

Spayed cats and dogs have a reduced risk of developing breast, uterine and ovarian cancer while neutered males are protected from testicular cancer. Neutering male animals lessens the likelihood of injury and disease transmission since males that have not been neutered are more likely to fight with other animals.

You will likely notice that your pet's behavior improves following surgery since spaying and neutering can reduce the hormonal surges that can lead to behavioral issues.

Lastly, neutering or spaying your pet also helps ensure that he or she will not exacerbate the animal overpopulation issue that is plaguing our country. Many dogs and cats in shelters or humane societies are the unwanted offspring of family pets, and by spaying or neutering your pet you are reducing this population.

Quality Surgical and Pet Care Services from our North Hollywood Veterinarians

Our veterinarians and staff at Blue Cross Pet Hospital have been performing spay and neuter procedures for our clients in the North Hollywood, Studio City and Sherman Oaks areas for many years. We want every animal to find a loving home, which, unfortunately, cannot happen as long as animal overpopulation continues to be an issue for Hollywood, Sherman Oaks and Studio City. Each veterinarian at our North Hollywood pet hospital would be happy to give you more information about these safe, cost-effective surgeries and the pet care that will be required following each procedure.

We would love to read your feedback about spay and neuter procedures offered at our animal hospital. Are you considering having a vet spay or neuter your pet? What information can we provide to help you with your decision?

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  • "This is the only vet I'll bring my dog to. Their care and attention is amazing. They are upfront about pricing and will do what they can to work with you. They are always amazingly considerate of dogs with social anxiety and have treated both Scooby and me with respect. Best vet if you ask me!"
    Jessica V. / North Hollywood, CA

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