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Protect Your Pet with Microchip Identification from Blue Cross Pet Hospital

Microchip IdentificationAt the Blue Cross Pet Hospital, we love animals and we understand how difficult it can be when a beloved family pet gets lost or runs away. That's why we recommend that you consider having a veterinarian at our animal hospital implant a microchip ID under your pet's skin. These chips are very small and cause no discomfort. This is a permanent means of identification that cannot be removed and will stay with your pet for life.

Information on your pet, along with your contact information, is kept in a database and can be easily updated. Then, if your pet becomes lost, it increases the chances of a happy reunion. If you move and your pet becomes disoriented in the new surroundings, the chip will help you and local authorities track him or her down. Any veterinarian or animal clinic should be able to scan for a chip in the pet and then contact the chip maker to notify you.

Implanting the Microchip is Easy and Painless

If you decide to have a microchip implanted in your pet, it is a safe and painless procedure that can be easily completed in our veterinary clinic. Because it's so small, we can simply insert the Microchip Identification can help track your pet if losschip into your pet with a syringe. No anesthetic is required. Then we perform a test scan to insure the chip is working properly and its unique identifying number can be read correctly. One of the members of the administrative staff at our pet hospital will make sure your enrollment form is completed with the chip registration and your contact information. Once you take your pet home from our animal hospital, you can rest assured it will be easier to find because you've taken this protective step.

Do you have more questions about microchip identification? Our Sherman Oaks veterinary clinic has been meeting the needs of pets and pet owners in our community, North Hollywood, and Studio City for over sixty years. One of our veterinarian pet professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have on microchip identification because we want your pets to stay healthy and safe.

Have you ever had a pet go missing? How did you find them?

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