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  • Summer Can Be Hazardous to Pets: Pet Safety Tips and Air-Conditioned Boarding from Blue Cross Pet Hospital
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Summer Can Be Hazardous to Pets: Pet Safety Tips and Air-Conditioned Boarding from Blue Cross Pet Hospital

Summer always brings sun, fun and sizzling temperatures, but it also comes with seasonal hazardous for pets. North Hollywood's Blue Cross Pet Hospital aims to keep pets safe all year, with specialized veterinarian care open 7 days a week to treat specific summer injuries and ailments. We offer air-conditioned boarding at our vet clinic so pets in the North Hollywood and Sherman Oaks regions have a safe, comfortable place to stay when they cannot travel with their families.
North Hollywood Vet Clinic offers Flea and Tick Medications
Leaving a pet unattended in the summer heat, especially inside a hot vehicle, can be fatal. Dogs should never be left unattended and tethered in a yard. If a pet shows signs of heatstroke, dehydration or heat exhaustion, such as nausea, panting or listlessness, immediately take action. Our animal hospital and veterinarian team have the facilities and fluids necessary to treat heat-related ailments.

Fertilizers, pesticides, mulches and other garden products can also be hazardous to a pet. Keep chemicals and yard products out of a pet's reach. Certain products, such as the aromatic cocoa mulch, can react quickly and fatally. Our pet hospital vets react just as quickly to treat a pet that's ingested toxic substances. Seek help immediately upon suspecting a pet has eaten a foreign and potentially hazardous substance.

Summer is one of the most active times for fleas, ticks, wildlife and insects. It's also prime heartworm season. Preventative medicine is the best medicine for flea, ticks and heartworm, and our animal hospital offers a full range of vaccinations, flea and tick control and other preventative procedures. Our vNorth Hollywood Veterinary Clinic offers dog boardingeterinarians treat insect bites and stings and ensure a pet's rabies vaccination is up-to-date. Our vets also administer skin and dermatological treatments for summer-related conditions and allergy treatment for seasonal allergies.

Summer should be carefree, not a time to worry about hazards. Our animal clinic takes away the worry to provide that carefree attitude.

What's the best summer activity for a pet? 

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