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I've been taking my cats and dogs to Blue Cross Pet Hospital for more than 20 years.  Our very dear cat, Will, became seriously ill with diabetes and other problems when he was only 6 years old.  Dr. Lowenthal saved his life.  Will was so sick that Dr. Lowenthal's goal was to give him "two good months." Will continues to enjoy life eight years later thanks to our diligence and Dr. Lowenthal's close monitoring. 


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Dr. Lowenthal at Blue Cross Pet Hospital has been our vet for 7 years, and we have only had superb, caring, thorough treatment.  The entire staff at Blue Cross Pet Hospital saved my cat's life!  I was unaware that my beloved 15 year old indoor cat had gotten out.  She fell asleep under my car, and I pulled out and ran over her, to my horror!  I ran her to Blue Cross, and they immediately began life-saving treatment.  I saw them work on her just as if she were in the ICU of a human hospital.  Her injuries were critical, and it took about a month of care in and out of the hospital, but her recovery was complete.  During the process, we discovered that she had advanced kidney disease, and with the treatment they recommended, she lived a very full, happy, 3 more years!

They were also excellent in the care of our geriatric Golden Retriever, who lived until he was 16.  They always gave me choices in treatment…how aggressive we wanted to be, or whether we just wanted to let nature take its course.  I do a lot of care for my animals at home, and they were willing to help me do that, in lieu of making money for recurring vet visits, which speaks highly of their ethics.  They are on the expensive side, but their diagnostics are the best I have seen, and we have used many vets.  I recommend them all the time.  Especially if someone has a really difficult medical situation.  I have no doubt that they will get to the bottom of any problem, and do their best to solve it!  Thank you Blue Cross!!!

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"I wouldn't have anyone else care for my pets!  Blue Cross Pet Hospital has an amazing staff.  From their front desk, to their back room techs, and of course their doctors, everyone is caring, helpful and professional.  I have been using Blue Cross for years, from losing aging friends to new bundles of fuzzy joy, the hospital has been there for me through thick & thin, and tears & joy.  I wouldn't have it any way else.  Thank you Blue Cross, and especially Dr. Jones."

Carolyn Bahr
Adopted proudly by Liam & Gerry.

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  • "This is the only vet I'll bring my dog to. Their care and attention is amazing. They are upfront about pricing and will do what they can to work with you. They are always amazingly considerate of dogs with social anxiety and have treated both Scooby and me with respect. Best vet if you ask me!"
    Jessica V. / North Hollywood, CA

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